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POSTED ON Saturday, 07.20.2013 / 3:05 PM CT


Hey Jets Fans,

Well that finishes off a great week in Winnipeg! What a great last day to finish the week with a ton of exciting and fun stuff.


It was nice to start the day with a little later wake up and from there we were off to the rink. We were divided up into four teams and played the famous Perry Pearn 3 on 3! It was competitive and fun but unfortunately for our team we lost both games so we finished last in the mini tournament. It was all fun though and we all bugged each other about our respective finishes quite a bit. Once again it was an amazing turnout for fans and it was cool to hear the buzz after a nice goal or save.

Afterwards we headed over to the 17 Wing base where we toured the base and learned about all kinds of stuff. I actually got to try on the Search and Rescue parachute equipment which was extremely heavy!

To finish off the day we had a great time at Mark Chipman's house where we had a barbecue and hung out in the backyard. Pretty cool to have an owner that is so personable and approachable!

That basically winds up a great week here in Winnipeg where a lot was learned and many memories were made. Thanks so much to all the fans that made my first trip to Winnipeg in the Jets organization amazing.

Jets fans, enjoy your summers and see you in the fall!

POSTED ON Friday, 07.19.2013 / 8:55 AM CT


Hey Jets/Kiss fans!

Another big day yesterday had the boys busy as always. We started with the usual 7 am wake up for breakfast before making our way to the rink.

Today's practice was tough! The focus was on defensive play and 1 on 1 battles. The intensity ramped up and testosterone was flowing. The nice thing though is each guy seemed to just work hard, compete, and battle to the fullest, but when the whistle went, the battling stopped and everyone just moved onto the next drill. It shows a lot about be character of the guys at the camp, and also the mindset instilled in us by the staff, to work and just understand each guy is trying to get better.

In the afternoon we had a workout and another mental training session. For those wondering, our workouts have been roughly an hour long. They may seem short but in a busy week like this they aren't designed to kill us. Usually we have a circuit to complete, with Tuesday being a upper body focus, Wednesday being a lower body, and Thursday being a core and stability focus. What's nice is after getting our testing results, we can figure out what things we need to work on the most, and get plans tailored to us. I was lucky enough to be Eric Comrie's workout partner and I figured he deserved a mention in the blog.

Funny enough, Eric and I have been playing with and against each other since we were 9 years old in spring hockey tournaments. We also played together for team Alberta at U16, Team Pacific at U17, and on Team Canada U18 at last summers Ivan Hlinka. The crazy part is through that entire process, we were on the same team for each tryout camp as well. It's cool to look back and reminisce on some of the good, funny and downright stupid moments throughout the years. Obviously now to be both drafted by the Jets is pretty surreal, and hopefully going forward we can continue to play together, whether that be at a World Junior Tournament in the next few years or even one day for the Jets in the NHL! (Good thing we talked about goal setting in those mental sessions)!!!

The day finished off with the group watching the KISS concert which was quite cool. Although most of us only new a handful of songs, it was still a fun time.

Mark Scheifele tweeted that I was loving my time at the concert, but I have to say, no one loved it more than him! All I can say is hopefully his neck is okay from all that head shaking!!

See you tomorrow Jets Fans!

POSTED ON Thursday, 07.18.2013 / 9:00 AM CT


Hello again Jets Fans!

Wednesday was another busy day very similar to Tuesday. We had another early wake up and practice that followed.

I have said it before but it's just absolutely amazing to see all the support from the fans at the ice times. I'm blown away by the support each day and the crazy thing is each day it seems to be new people. Growing up in Calgary, which is a passionate hockey market, I remember going to watch Flames development camps as a kid, and there was maybe 8-10 families or groups watching. So to see the line up of people just to get into the stands and the rink full at 9:30 in the morning on a Wednesday in July is surreal. I love it!


Anyways, after the skate we had a team building exercise. We worked in partners and had to lead a blind folded partner throughout the arena to a marked location, strictly using verbal communication. It definitely was a good exercise and shared quite a few laughs. The only scary part was when Mark Scheifele almost got decked by a door while he was blind folded! Thankfully, he managed to make it around the door safe and sound.

The afternoon again had a workout in store for us and also a nice session with our mental coach, John Phelan. We talked a lot about the journey to get to the NHL from where we are now and how each guy will take a different path. I learned that going forward what separates the players is almost 75% mental, which most people probably wouldn't assume.

The rest of the day was somewhat quiet with a nice dinner at the Shark Club, and again an early sleep.

See you all tomorrow Jets Fans!

POSTED ON Wednesday, 07.17.2013 / 8:48 AM CT


Hey Jets fans!

Day two started off bright and early with a 7 am wake up and an 8 o'clock bus to the practice facility. Group "A" had practice right away, and my group, "B", had a nutrition session. I found it interesting to learn about some of the foods that you may think are not good to eat, but in fact are. For example, pizza, cooked properly with proper toppings, can be a great snack to reload carbohydrates after a game or workout.

Next was practice, which was much harder today than yesterday. The coaches put us through the paces with a lot of skating drills and some skill specific drills. Something that I really noticed today was how many little tips the coaches had for us as players. From small things to bigger things, it's easy to really improve quickly with the wealth of information around us.


After the practice and lunch, we were on the way to the MTS center for our workout and team building exercises. There was definitely a lot of laughs in the team building exercise and a lot of sweat in the workout. In the team building exercise, three teams went head-to-head to maneuver what was basically two really large snow shoes through an obstacle course. It took a lot of communication and buy in from the guys to make it work. It was good because a lot of what was needed to be successful in the exercise can be paralleled to the game of hockey.

After leaving the rink we had a great dinner at De Luca's restaurant, where we learned how to make some food and interacted with the chef. I think the biggest thing I learned was how bad Lukas Sutter's pizza was, especially after being the self proclaimed star chef... (I'm not a mushroom fan)...

Next, an early sleep to prepare for another big day tomorrow!

Once again, see you tomorrow Jets Fans!

Follow Josh on Twitter and Instagram, @morrissey_10

POSTED ON Tuesday, 07.16.2013 / 8:53 AM CT


What a crazy day!

The day started bright and early with a 6 am wake up, followed by fitness testing and medicals at 7 am. The group was separated in two groups cycling through various stations until all that was needed to be completed was, of course, the moment each guy looked forward to the most… of taking their respective turns on the bike tests, which are to say the least, not easy. Personally I was happy I was able to hold my lunch down after the bike tests, which was an improvement from my bout at the NHL combine, where I wasn't so lucky.

It was pretty cool to meet all the guys as the testing and such went on, and pick the brains of Jacob Trouba and Mark Scheifele on how the camp goes and the how testing is run. It was also a cool surprise to meet Evander Kane and have him hang around the boys all day. As a young guy, it was definitely a nice feeling to be welcomed so nicely by everyone from the players who've been through the camp, to the trainers and all the staff.


Once the testing and lunch were over, we headed to practice, which turned out to be the most exciting practice I've ever been a part of.

Walking out to practice was absolutely surreal seeing 3 rows deep of Jets fans lined up to see the camp in July! Then as we stepped on the ice, it was easy to see just how passionate the fans are. It was also interesting with all the new equipment in front of the large crowd for the first fifteen minutes or so. Afterwards it was nice to meet some fans, sign some autographs and take some pictures, and it was awesome to see just how welcoming the fans were!

We finished the day off with a nice group dinner, and after everything today, I'm most excited about an early sleep!

See you tomorrow Jets Fans!

Follow Josh on Twitter and Instagram, @morrissey_10



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