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My Holiday Memories

Winnipeg Jets share their holiday memories and traditions

Saturday, 12.24.2011 / 9:00 AM CT / Feature
By Kristi Hennessy  - Coordinator, Web Content
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My Holiday Memories
Everyone has their own unique family traditions, whether you are from Stonewall or Sweden, you\'re holiday celebrations are unique. Five Winnipeg Jets players shared their holiday memories and traditions, unique to their families, and unique to their homes.
Everyone has their own unique family traditions, whether you are from Stonewall or Sweden, you're holiday celebrations are unique. Five Winnipeg Jets players shared their holiday memories and traditions, unique to their families, and unique to their homes.  “Christmas Eve we usually get together as a family and open one gift, usually pajamas or something like that the night before. We’d always get up and go to my Grandpa’s for Christmas morning for a big brunch and do all of the gift exchange there. We would later have our Christmas turkey dinner.

Best Christmas memory:
The one that stands out is because I’ve seen the pictures and it brings back memories. It was the first time my brother and I got gear and were standing in front of the fireplace with our helmets and full gear on; I was probably five years old.

“It’s my favourite holiday; it’s always unbelievable. We have dinner on the 24th and then presents after dinner. We have potato salad, fish and fish soup but I don’t eat fish anymore so I eat chicken. The 24th was my favourite day; we just would watch Christmas movies and spend time with family. I remember always being so excited for dinner. I couldn’t wait to have the presents.”

Best Christmas memory:
“We would go play hockey all day long on Christmas in the cold. I’d always play with the friends that I grew up with on the street and around the house. On Christmas I think I played eight hours in a row, it was the first thing that I did when I woke up, just grab the stick and go outside and play hockey.

“Every Christmas is something special, I don’t think it’s about the presents, it’s about spending some time with your family.”

“Most of my family is from Illinois. I grew up in Minnesota, but everybody else, grandparents and extended family are all in Illinois. We always used to go to my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve on my dad’s side, spend the night there and then Christmas Day, go over to my mom’s side on the other side of town and spend Christmas Day with them. We did that almost every year.”

What’s for dinner?
“At my Dad’s parents they make an Italian dish called bagna cauda. It sounds pretty bad and it’s not good for you either, but I love it. Basically it’s butter, anchovies and a bunch of garlic cloves, and you cook it in a big pan until it’s like a paste and you dip break, cabbage, celery and other things into it, it’s unbelievable. You wake up in the morning and your hands and feet are so swollen because of the amount of salt but it’s once a year and I look forward to it every Christmas.”

“For us, Christmas is about spending time with your family. The 24th is our biggest day. Santa Claus (Tomte) in Sweden comes for the kids and we usually have a big dinner. It’s a nice time to have with your family.

What’s for dinner?
“There are always Swedish meatballs. There are a lot of things on the table like meatballs, ham and sausage. I love the Christmas food we have.”

Christmas memory?
“I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. I have a brother that is close to the same age and he got something that I wanted that I didn’t get. A bicycle. I don’t remember what I got but I wasn’t happy about it that’s for sure!”

“We would just go over to my grandmas on Christmas Eve. The whole family would get together and have a great time, have a great dinner and open presents there. Christmas morning we’d celebrate with just our family, have a snowball fight or two and then head back to where we were going because hockey takes up a lot of family time for sure.”

Most memorable gift?
“I remember when I was really young, everyone had coats from the house team that you played with. You put patches on it from the tournaments you went to and your name was on the back and you’d put a bunch of pins on it. My parents got me one of those and I still have it to this day. It’s red corduroy. I still remember opening it up, putting it on and feeling like I had a varsity coat from high school or college and I was like six or seven years old.”




1 ANA 76 47 22 7 222 213 101
2 NSH 75 46 21 8 214 180 100
3 STL 74 46 21 7 226 182 99
4 CHI 73 44 23 6 207 167 94
5 MIN 74 42 25 7 211 183 91
6 VAN 74 43 27 4 212 199 90
7 WPG 75 39 24 12 212 197 90
8 LAK 74 37 23 14 199 184 88
9 CGY 74 40 27 7 217 195 87
10 DAL 74 36 28 10 232 236 82
11 SJS 74 36 30 8 207 210 80
12 COL 74 34 28 12 200 206 80
13 EDM 74 21 40 13 177 254 55
14 ARI 75 23 44 8 158 249 54


A. Ladd 75 24 35 11 59
B. Wheeler 73 24 34 24 58
B. Little 65 24 27 10 51
M. Scheifele 75 14 32 10 46
D. Byfuglien 66 16 27 7 43
M. Frolik 75 17 23 4 40
D. Stafford 69 16 24 -14 40
M. Perreault 56 18 18 3 36
J. Tlusty 65 14 15 -18 29
T. Myers 65 7 18 -9 25
O. Pavelec 19 14 7 .919 2.35
M. Hutchinson 20 10 5 .913 2.43
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