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Forwarding allows you to electronically transfer seats to friends, relatives, share partners or clients up to two hours before the game.

Your Jets Pass carries a barcode that is valid for each game of the season. During the forwarding process the barcode is cancelled for the selected game only and a new one is issued electronically. The recipient is sent an email with instructions on how to login to Winnipeg Jets Account Manager to print the new ticket which includes the new barcode. Tickets can be printed using any standard printer.

You can Forward as many games as you wish, and keep all of the remaining games valid on your Jets Pass. Simply check the box next to the seat that you would like to print or forward and continue through the process. Once your tickets have been printed or forwarded, that information will show up next to your seats for the selected game in your account.

We encourage you to Forward your tickets when giving them away for the following reasons:

  • The recipients of your tickets will have ownership and control over their tickets. This will allow them to Sell, Forward or Re-print their tickets should the need arise.
  • The Winnipeg Jets will have the ability to communicate and service the actual attendees of each game.
  • Should a ticket be lost or stolen, the attendee will have the ability to have the ticket replaced.
  • The Primary Account Holder will have a log of who owns/used all of their tickets throughout the season.

Electronically Leaving Your Tickets at the Will-Call Window

If Forwarding is not an option (your recipient does not have an email address or printer), you may have your tickets left for your recipient at the Will-Call window at MTS Centre. Simply Forward your seats online to and indicate who they are for in the notes section. We will print out hard copies of your seats and leave them at Will-Call under whatever name you specify. Individuals picking up tickets from Will-Call will be required to present valid government issued photo ID.


Once logged in, select the MANAGE MY TICKETS button.



From the dropdown menu select TRANSFER TICKETS TO FRIEND. Select the seats you wish to transfer. If you are transferring seats from more than one game, click MANAGE MORE TICKETS and select the next game.

Once you have selected all seats click TRANSFER.



Choose the Transfer recipient or click to enter a new contact email into your Address Book.  The recipient of your seats will be notified of your offer, and then can choose to accept or decline the tickets.

If the seats are accepted or declined by the recipient, or the offer expires, you will receive email notification. If not accepted by the expiry time of 2 hours before the start of the game, the seats will remain in your possession and will be returned to your Jets Pass.


Click here to download the pdf version.

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