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You can Print any game ticket online via your Account for free. Print-At-Home generates a PDF ticket that you can print from your home and office and bring to the game.

When re-printing your tickets you will be given the option to generate a new barcode (if your tickets have been misplaced or stolen) or keep the existing barcode (if you’re experiencing printer problems or forgot your tickets at home or the office).

We encourage you to use your season ticket card when attending games yourself, or using the Forwarding function when sending 1 or more tickets to friends or colleagues. Do not Print all of your games and hand out the tickets as neither you nor the recipient will have full control over those tickets.


Once logged in, select the Manage Your Tickets button.



From the dropdown menu select PRINT TICKETS.  Select the seats you wish to print. If you are transferring seats from more than one game, click MANAGE MORE TICKETS and select the next game. Once you have selected all seats click PRINT.



Confirm the game and seats are correct. Use the checkbox above the seat information if you wish to generate a new barcode and make all other barcodes invalid for this game.



A page confirming your print request will appear. You must agree to the terms of use before selecting SUBMIT.



A print summary of your tickets will appear. Select PRINT to complete the printing process.


Click here to download the pdf version.

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