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The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation supports registered charities within our community who focus on youth in Manitoba. Included within this mandate, the Foundation also develops and operates programs that serve children, such as the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy. The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy currently provides opportunities to 425 children who have limited recreational options. This program effectively levels the playing field for these children by providing them with opportunities to play hockey in a positive environment surrounded by their peers and volunteers in the community who care.

You can donate your tickets to the Foundation in two ways:

  1. Tickets Donated will be sold by the Foundation utilizing the Jets SeatExchange program. All proceeds from the sale will go directly toward the Foundation; or
  2. Tickets Donated will go directly to children who participate in the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy so that they can attend the game. Tickets must be Donated at least 48 hours prior to the game.

In each case, the ticket donor will receive a charitable tax receipt from the Foundation for an amount equal to the price originally paid.


Once logged in, select the MANAGE MY TICKETS button.



From the dropdown menu select DONATE TICKETS TO CHARITY. Select the seats you wish to donate. If you are donating seats from more than one game, click MANAGE MORE TICKETS and select the next game.

Once you have selected all seats click DONATE.



Verify the seats you would like to Donate; and choose the method in which you would like to donate.



A confirmation page will appear confirming your donation. You may print this page for your records.


Click here to download the pdf version.

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