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Winnipeg Jets Season Seat Holders with P1  or Loge Category Seating can enjoy many benefits associated to being a Premium Seat Holder.

Budweiser King Club premium members can enjoy spacious, theatre-style seating, in-seat food and beverage service with a customized menu. Centre Ice, Budweiser King Club, and Premium Loge seating members have exclusive benefits including:

  • First access to purchase tickets for MTS Centre events.
  • Priority reservation access in the Exchange Restaurant.
  • Exclusive Winnipeg Jets Team invitations.
  • Complimentary Canada Goose Coat Check.
  • Significant Savings in Winnipeg Jets seat prices.
  • Jets Gear store discount of 15%.
  • Convenient payment plan options.

Premium Seat members have an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets to all events that are held at MTS Centre prior to the general public on-sale. Whether for you personally, a friend, family, or co-worker, take advantage of your opportunity to be guaranteed tickets to any event held at the MTS Centre.

How to Order tickets to Events as a Premium Seat Holder

Event Notification
All Premium Seat holders will be notified via email about event details and pre-sale procedures. All Premium Seat holders will be provided with a minimum of 48 hours to log-in and order tickets for the specified event. The deadline will be 12 noon of the day preceding the general public on-sale date. Note: In some circumstances Premium Seat opportunities may occur after an event has gone on-sale to the general public. In such cases tickets will be held back in order to accommodate all requests submitted during the window of opportunity for Premium Seat holders.

Premium Seat notifications are sent out with as much notice as possible. We cannot send out event notices until all event details are confirmed with the Promoter – even if the media have announced the show, details may still need to be confirmed. In some cases, this may mean that you will only have a day or two to order tickets. We will continue to give you as much notice as possible.

Ordering Tickets
Upon receiving your notification email for the specified event, you will be asked to click a link or 'Buy Now' button to order your tickets. At this time you will be directed to the Premium Seats ordering page. You can only access the Premium Seat tickets by clicking the link provided. You will be asked to enter your Jets Account number and password which will be provided on the notification email. The following information will be required to process your order:

  • Name, address, email and phone number of person ordering the tickets
  • Number of tickets requested (See below for ticket limit categories)
  • Requested ticket location (On the sides between the Blue lines or North Budweiser King Club area)

Due to some stage configurations and seating needs by production, your exact Winnipeg Jets season seats may not always be available. Premium Seat Ticket Holders in those situations will be relocated to the next best available seat.

Ticket Order Specifications

There are three event types for pre-sale orders for Premium Seat Holders - A, B or C.

  • A. Regular MTS Centre Event – Ticket orders for "A" events are limited to the number of Premium Seat membership licenses you have in your Jets account. Most concerts fall in to this category.
  • B. Specialized or Multi Performance Event – Ticket orders for "B" Events can be double the number of Premium Seat licenses you have in your Jets account (i.e. you may order 4 event tickets if you have 2 Premium Seat licenses in your account).
  • C. Miscellaneous Events – Ticket orders for "C" events will be unlimited for holders of Premium Seat membership licenses. From time to time we will allow you unlimited presale access to events at the MTS Centre. **All orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. **

*The purchase of any event tickets is non-refundable.

Advance purchase opportunity is limited to the number of Premium Seat licenses you have purchased and based on the above noted criteria. We are unable to process orders for additional tickets beyond your Premium Seat license amount as indicated by the A, B or C classifications. Seats cannot be held past the deadline and full payment must be received at the time of purchase.

Ticket Delivery
Ticket orders will be filled prior to the event going on-sale to the general public. Tickets will be mailed directly to the address specified on the Premium Seat account.

Order Confirmation
You will receive a confirmation email with total cost and seat location one (1) business day following the on-sale of tickets to the General Public for the specific event.

For any questions or inquiries regarding your event orders, please email