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Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange provides a safe, reliable and legitimate way for you to realize value and Resell any seats that you can’t use. Using SeatExchange as a platform to sell your seat(s), you will receive credit for the seats sold at the individual game day price. The proceeds from that seat sale will be placed on your Account.

Once a seat is resold, the barcode on your Jets Pass is deactivated for that game. New tickets and barcodes will be generated for the new seat holder.

The SeatExchange platform provides you with the opportunity to Resell your seats through a safe and Jets-endorsed transaction. The proceeds from that seat sale will be placed on your Account.  Season Seat Holders will be given the option of having that credit sent in the form of a cheque, or left on their Account to be used for future payments.


Once logged in, select the MANAGE MY TICKETS button.



From the dropdown menu select SELL TICKETS ON JETS SEATEXCHANGE. Select the seats you wish to post for sale. If you are posting seats from more than one game, click MANAGE MORE TICKETS and select the next game.

Once you have selected all seats click POST FOR SALE.



Choose an expiration date by which if the tickets are not sold the seats will be returned to your account.



Verify the information and if correct, click POST TICKETS FOR SALE.


Click here to download the pdf version.

Click here to view SeatExchange FAQ's.

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